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william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • walking_dude
    01-30 11:38 AM
    Media coverage of the situation faced by Highly-skilled immigrants has been negligible or nil. As a result many of the lawmakers are unaware of the situation faced by us. IV has come forward to make a Press Release on our behalf to educate the media on the impact of the issue on our community.

    Now that IV has done it's part and issued a Press Release outlining the issues faced by highly-skilled employment immigrants in Michigan, onus is on MI members, and others, to call upon the MI newspapers and media to cover our issues as outlined in the press release.

    I request all MI members, and others, to call up and/or E-mail the newspapers urging them to feature a newstory covering the issues faced by our community citing IV PR as the source. We are also in the process of collecting and collating stories from people who were rejected licences due to the new rule.

    If we can get our stories to the media it will provide publicity to our issues and get noticed by Michigan lawmakers while deciding on the new law. Hence it's really crticial for all of us to participate and make this action item a success story.

    Here's a template you can use to E-mail. Put your name and address as newspapers don't normally respond to E-mails sent anonymously. Also customize as required. Please kep the reference to IV Press Release as it's important to get coverage for our issue.

    Dear Editor,

    I'm a regular reader of your newspaper, and would like you to cover the issues faced by legal highly-skilled immigrants due to decision by Michigan Secretary of State Ms. Terri Lynn Land to deny Driving Licences to residents on temporary visa status. This rule impacts thousands of legal immigrant workers in Michigan, like me, by impacting our ability to commute to work. It also affects a large number of International students studying in the state universities.

    As a regular reader , I feel disappointed by the lack of media coverage for an issue affecting thousands in the state, including yours. Immigration Voice (http://www.immigrationvoice.org) , a non-profit grassroots organization working to fix the issues faced by legal employment-based immigrants has issued a press release on the issue.


    I urge you to cover this issue through a news story. Immigration Voice has been collecting stories from affected members of our community. If your newsreporters need any help in developing the story, Immigration Voice can certainly help you on this issue. Michigan chapter of Immigration Voice can be contacted by E-mailing - vivek AT ImmigrationVoice DOT org



    IV Press Release - http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/1/prweb661904.htm

    IV update on the Press Release - http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=218184&postcount=30

    Contact info for MI Newspapers - http://action.aclumich.org/michigannewspapers

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • pappu
    05-31 04:33 PM
    After seeing United to Secure America's lobbying expenses- 600K, I feel we are very lucky to have achieved so much within a meagre amount. I am sure lobbying is very expensive and there was no way we could have hired a firm. We should thank QGA to have agreed to help us out.

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • sku
    01-09 03:53 PM
    Yes, I want to know too, I don't know anybody personally who lost the job.

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y elizabeth
  • william levy y elizabeth

  • arbhaat
    10-08 08:06 PM
    I think this was my lawyer's contention too when she described to me about being in EAD as well as H-4. As long as my husband is in H-1, I would be in H-4 contrary to most discussions that take place here. I think USCIS, has no clear explanation for this situation!!

    Advance parole is similar to this, you have H1 but you become parolee. I don't understand. Any other comments from other applicants?

    i think once you use EAD to work, your H4 status has to expire. as someone said above, H4 by definition is a dependent visa and does not allow independent earnings (no job, no business nothing)

    as per your next question, usually a person with valid H1B would not use AP to re-enter. Only a person on EAD would use AP to re-enter. Now what if one applies, gets and uses AP to re-enter even after having valid H1B (and no EAD), I don't know what the resultant status is?


    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • arihant
    06-22 01:17 PM
    Maybe he should volunteer for a pay cut of 30%. ONLY 30%. See, its trivial little teeny weeny 30%. Its nothing. You wont even feel it. How about that director?

    I like your Logic. :D

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • moonrah
    08-27 02:39 PM
    that means there is backlog of audited cased in atlanta..now they have created backlog for labor also..


    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • mhathi
    07-20 09:15 AM
    I searched for IV on orkut and got three communities back, one with 2 members and two empty.. which one are we joining?

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su hijo.
  • william levy y su hijo.

  • tabletpc
    11-29 03:07 PM
    Hi GCFISH,

    Thanks for spedy response...

    jsut a quick question..

    I will be sending a check in US currency...so should i just find the today's converstion rate and send them the check..???

    I just want to amke sure they don't send back my aplciation for wrong fee. later...

    Thanks in advance..


    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa. de
  • william levy y su esposa. de

  • brb2
    08-09 11:14 PM
    It is too early to tell if it definitely refers to us, but it is more likely that this IS referring to EB and naturalization background checks. Reasoning is like this - Background checks are required by Department of State (DOS) for issuing Visas. Department of homeland security (DHS) under which USCIS comes is responsible for those within the US. Now background checks are not conducted for issuing H1B visa etc. They are only for EB/N-400. So it is more likely they are referring us. Secondly, just two months back USCIS announced that it is going through Ombudsman's report and would be preparing a response. Last month FBI's miller came out and suggested they are happy with main file checks (which take less than 2 days to come back automatically) and USCIS is insisting of doing reference file checks and they would be keen to work with USCIS to find ways of reducing backlog processing times. Some options included they way background checks are done, and also borrowing workers from USCIS for FBI's NNC unit. Finally, when the fee increase was announced USCIS mentioned some of the money would go to reduce processing times and FBI asked for increasing the name check fee from $2 to $9 which means now that the fees increase has been implemented more resources to reduce time may be implemented.

    With scores of cases against USCIS and thousands of letters to congressmen and president and articles in NYT and WS Times, finally they may have realized that it is time they attended to the background check delays issue.

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • meridiani.planum
    05-18 12:56 PM
    If this passes this will be awesome for Ph.D. graduates.

    and also for non-PhD folks like me. As they exempt these superstars from the queue, it also has the effect of making the queue smaller (slightly atleast) for everyone else. i personalyl know of two PhDs who are waiting in EB2 queue for the last 3 years...


    william levy y su esposa. william-levy-esposa
  • william-levy-esposa

  • cahaba
    04-14 12:31 AM
    Thanks all for your responses.
    I will get the ONET job codes and post them over here.

    Also, how do you guys feel about the self employed option? My friend or his spouse can start a company (LLC) and he can part-time and remotely work on some projects while pursuing his current Marketing Manager job. Does anybody have experience or know somebody who has used the self-employed option.


    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa. El actor cubano William Levy,; El actor cubano William Levy,. Heilage. Mar 1, 06:23 AM
  • william levy y su esposa. El actor cubano William Levy,; El actor cubano William Levy,. Heilage. Mar 1, 06:23 AM

  • sreedhar
    11-06 10:22 AM
    I see that for EB2 the PD is 01 APR 2004 now. I want to know if I-485 approvals is linked to this PD date or they will work independent to these days.


    PD : Feb'07
    I-140 - Pending
    I-131 - Approved
    I-485 - Pending

    Recieved EAD Card and FP done.

    Why you worried about PDs...Yours is 2007....have to wait several years.:D


    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • snathan
    05-19 03:13 PM
    Hello fellas...i had quit WIPRO @ USA giving 2 weeks notice on 2009.WIPRO Mangers tried to withdraw my resignation in all means.They even told that they ll sue me for breaking the contract that i have signed.
    After this WIPRO bangalore office sent me 5 letters asking me to pay 6 lac rs indian money to them.I refused and didnt respond to it .

    As general rule who ever resign the company should provide insurance for next 30 days as a coverage .I guess they didnt do that for me .
    Also they didnt send me the relieving letter and others indian PF etc.

    They even paid less that that was specified in the LCA.

    I would like to know if you had complaint DOL on this ?


    You should have reported these issues within 12 months of your employement. Otherwise there is no use. All you can do is send a letter to the Wipro HR, stateing you are filing a formal complaint to the DOL and wirting to the congress man. Also tell them you are going to make sure this story highted everywhere in the Internet and media to damage WIPRO's name. I am sure they do not want to get a bad PR in this situation where everyone hates the Indian companies.

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • texcan
    01-17 09:13 AM
    There is no difference in filing taxes when you were on OPT vs H1B (by this I mean there are no different forms). When you were on OPT, Social Security and Medicare should not have been with held from your paycheck. If it was, then you need to ask for refund of those taxes from the employer who with held that tax. As far as Cincinnati and Chicago are concerned, nothing special to do for Federal Income tax. However, for state income tax, you will have to file income tax for both Ohio and Illinois as part year resident.

    Having said the above, it is your choice to go to a tax consultant or do it on your own or to use Turbo Tax. If you want 100% peace of mind, go to a good accountant. If you want to save money and you think you can handle things on your own, go through all the instructions on all the forms and file it on your own. If you want a little bit of both - you can use Turbo Tax or any other tax software to file your taxes. If you are single, don't own a home and you think yours is a straight forward case (no deductions for work related expenses, medical bills, etc) - you should pretty much be able to do it on your own.

    very well said about taxes for OPT/H1.

    you should check on state taxes for chicago and cinci....
    I have used HR block, and their services are pretty good.

    Last year a friend of mine user HR block, he was in situation where he worked in a different state (OPT/H1) for few moths and then he moved to another state. Long story short, he got a letter from state he was living in earlier regarding state tax discrepency.
    Surpringly H&R block came thru and did not charge for extra services, rather H&R paid $60 in late fee charges, citing reason that it was their mistake in the first place.



    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • dc4opera
    05-18 11:27 PM
    I need some advice from the people on this board.

    My labor certification was recently approved via PERM. My employer will soon be signing the paperwork to file the I-140 with INS. My contract with him expires in February 2007, and he wants me to continue working for him beyond that. I, however, have expressed my desire NOT to stay with him any longer than I need to. Obviously, I will need to stay until 6 months have passed from the filing of my I-485 for portability to kick in.

    Because of this, he wants me to WAIT until January 2007 to file my I-485. This way he is assured that I will be working for him until June 2007. My question is, does he have any right to coerce me to wait until January 2007 to file the I-485?

    I initially agreed to this delay in filing because I was under the impression that BOTH the I-140 and I-485 were to be filed by the employer, and that I-485 processing took about 6 months. Now that I have learned that the I-485 is to be filed by me and that I-485 processing can take more than a year, are there any downsides to me filing the I-485 earlier than January 2007 WITHOUT MY EMPLOYER KNOWING?

    I realize that "honesty is the best policy" but the situation is truly untenable for me and I feel that he is purposely delaying the processing of my INS papers to keep me at his mercy. Another factor to consider is that the lawyer we will be using for the I-140 will be the same one who will file my I-485. Can I invoke attorney-client privilege with regards to the I-485 so that they cannot tell my employer that I filed it earlier than he wanted? For that matter, can I use a different lawyer to file the I-485 that the one who filed the I-140?

    Any opinions and suggestions regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much and good luck to all!

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • ns007
    06-15 10:44 AM
    After reading the alert on immigration-law.com website I contacted my firm's attorney. According to them they have requested 3yrs extension based on my approved I-140. Now since the dates are current, they may grant either 3yr or 1yr extension. But, they won't deny the h1 extension petition.

    My 8th year H1 extension is pending with CIS, and my current H1 expires on June 26, 07. Can I file my 485 when my H1 status is pending from CIS?

    Please advise.:confused:


    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • gcadream
    02-24 01:33 PM
    I'm due for my H1 visa extn as it is going to expire in Apr-2010 and my employer is going to do it anytime soon. I have heard that these days USICS is extending the H1 based on the project end date mentioned on Purchase Order, if that is the case then
    [1] does it mean that we can get extn only for 6 months or so instead of 3 yrs [if your I-140 is approved]?
    [2] And after six months do we again have to file for extn and pay all the fees again ?

    Any help on this issue is highly appreciated.
    Waiting to hear back from all of you.

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su hijo.
  • william levy y su hijo.

  • akkakarla
    08-06 07:56 AM
    They can be stressful but one should relax before going to AOS Interview.If one feels the attorney will help them it is better to take the attorney. But certain times the over enthuisatic attorney may mess the smooth going interview and never comes to terms with what we want them to tell.

    Some additional tips:

    (1) Always wear professional clothing(do not wear jeans and need not be suit either:D ) etc.

    (2) Always take 4 extra photos with you.

    (3) Make copies of all the documents everything and place them in order. Order the Original documents so that you can give the Officer the moment they ask instead of searching. Searching irritates the officer sometimes.

    (4) Never Ever joke when he talks about the country's problems, terrorism,infrastructure,faith of people,quality of people living in other regions. We are there strictly to complete the AOS interview and get out of there. No one is asking us, our opinion what we feel about issues nor one appreciates talking about their fellow citizens,faith.THey take these things seriously even though it "MAY" not have effect on the I485 approval but still then it is totally unnecessary digging out hole for our burial.

    (5) NEVER EVER Open your mouth and say something the officer never asked. Always answer to the questions they asked and give the documents they asked. Not a word more or less and not a document more or less. The more enthu we go for the more we dig ourselves in quicksand. Thumb Rule: If you have all the documentation you can go yourself. Moreover the attorney does not have a role to play and they sit like statue there and the questions are directed to us and we need to answer the questions.

    Future Employement Tips:

    (1) Always take the employment letters: (a) The offer letter dated when the Labor Certification is filed. (b) Offer letter that states continuing offer letter(dated the day before the interview or during the week). (c) A letter addressing to the immigration officer stating your job, salary, responsibilities.

    (2) Take the current job employment with your Status eg. EAD or H1, your salary, role and responsiblities etc. ( they should be more or less same as the role and responsibilities in Labor Certificaion filed).

    william levy y su esposa. william levy y su esposa.
  • william levy y su esposa.

  • kminkeller
    03-09 01:00 PM
    Hi I am very new to this forum and actually to all the Immigration related forums. Here is what my situation is.

    I was working for a company A, got my PERM and I140 approved on EB3 and filed my I485 on with PD August 2007. I have also have the EAD and AP and am working on EAD as my H1 got voided after getting laid off from Company A on 2009. I am working with a company B with a higher salary than company A. This company didnt want to deal with USCIS and my agreement with this company does not allow me to discuss immigration matter with them. Now I got a new offer from company C with similar or slightly higher salary. Company C is ready to do my paper work.

    Now I need to know what are the things that I can do.
    1. Do I need to file PERM, I140 again on EB2?
    2. Do I need to file for H1 again and complete the entire process?
    3. What is and how to do EB3 to EB2 porting? is that all I need to do?

    Please give me some advice. Thanks in advance.


    08-04 03:27 PM
    She applied for second AP before travelling. My question is does she have to return before first AP expires OR can I mail her the second AP when it gets approved?

    The requirement is that AP must be applied and approved before the applicant leaves the US. So in this case it is better your wife comes back on the old AP before it expires.


    Because Form I-131 is used for multiple applications, many people confuse the instruction on the form as it applies to the different application types. For instance while for a reentry permit, the applicant needs not be in the US for its approval; for AP the applicant must not leave the US until the application is approved.

    07-18 01:12 PM
    Any ideas to help speeden up the PERM processing in Atlanta center?

    Hundreds of folks are stuck for more than 150 days and are in a critical situation now.

    Please help us with ur suggestions...

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